In the spring of 2014 after meeting Kristie Doyle I was offered a chance to DJ on  97.1 WJZF - FM in Standish Maine. I prerecorded the shows in my home studio and submitted the shows for broadcast. It was very rewarding and fun but more work than I had time for. In the end I was grateful for what I learned and the chance I got to try something I always wanted to do. These are the shows that were broadcast. Click on a title to listen or you can right click and save to download them to your files
Kristie Doyle the niece of Dave Patterson who founded the WJZF radio station and gave her the nickname"The Signal" heard on the radio dial at 97.1 FM
Dave Paterson, Founder and station manager for WJZF 97.1 FM in Standish, Maine. Dave passed away from a brain aneurysm at the age of 64 in 2011