Brand new Jazz/Rock album
Amazing cast of musicians
Steely Dan, Van Morrison Style music
Just released Prog/Rock album
featuring Fernando Perdomo
Prog/Rock album released 2016
Featuring Fernando Perdomo
and Charlie Dechant
Prog/Rock solo album
recorded between 2004-2007
Prog/Rock recorded between
2007 - 20010 Featuring
John Marsden & Charlie DeChant
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Rock/Pop recorded between
2008-2010 featuring
Charlie DeChant & Larry Hoppen
Rock/Pop recorded between
2009 - 2011 featuring
Charlie Dechant & Larry Hoppen
Instrumental Jazz/Rock/Fusion
2003-2004 with Pete Koeplin
Ron Curcio & John Marsden
Instrumental Jazz/Rock/Fusion
2004-2005 with Pete Koeplin
Justin Crosby, Ron Curcio & Pete Smith
17 Beatle classics recorded
between 2005-2006
Featuring Chip Harding