John Donelan was "The" music man about town when we were all growing up in Manchester. I first met John when I was 6. My older brother Peter was a singer in one of Donelans first bands...Yetribium Locust Cloud. Over the years John mentored every potential musician in Manchester and the north shore. Almost everyone played with Donelan at one time or another. He always had a band brewing...Gandalf, Shade, Loose Friends, Section 80, the John Donelan Band. His music was ahead of it's time and to me it makes much more sense listening to it today. It is intelligent, complicated, sophisticated and rich in texture. I am proud to have been a part of it. I am equally glad to be posting this great  music up on line for all to enjoy. Just click on an album cover below to listen and you will be linked to the corresponding page where you can stream or download each or any song you choose. Enjoy !  .... John Demarkis